Thursday, August 2, 2012


Thursday, August the 2th ... tomorrow will be the last day at NERSC :-(

Yesterday and this morning I tidied up  a little bit my notes that I took during this month and I realized that I got a lot of input and that more input I get more new questions come out ... it's a never ending story ... more you know and more you want to know !!

But unluckly the time is not friend of mine ... and the period here is gone ...

I have a mix of feelings, on one side I'm pretty sad because the environment an the fellows here are really good and the end of these 4 working weeks lets the countdown  to the fly back to start ... on the other side I'm happy because my holydays begins and I still have 10 days to spend in this amazing land !!

The list on the refrigerator with all the stuff we want to do and we want see shrank down but still really long and I don't know if we will be able to tick all the lines.
Anyway, no one said that we can't come back to end up our exploration ... :-)

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