Wednesday, July 18, 2012

... at work

Here the time is running fast!
I feel like at home and it's absolutely normal to get up in the morning, walk to the Rockridge BART station and get on the train to go at work. Out of the underground stop on the 19th street, going up the stairs for the 20th street gate I can see the NERSC building just in front of me ... but it's not yet the time to join in the office ... before there is the Starbucks coffe ritual: " ...a tall latte for Nick please"

Entering the door there alway is the guardian who promptly always say: "Good Morning" and we chat few seconds before the lift come.
Up in the offices at the time I start ,  around 7:30, there are only few early-rising people ... Nick C., Norma and someone else hidden in his "nest". Only close to  9 o'clock  the corridors begin to be alive.

Here in my working place, on the desk I put some Swiss chocolate, and that's a perfect way to  catch people inside for a talk. We spoke of work, of life and sure of where to go for the dinner :-D
As everywhere you can find any sort of colleagues: the real look-like geek, the shy who try to escape with the sight, the sport/runner addicted ... but however all kind persons that make me feel one of them!

I attended at some meetings and I noticed that they are always very used to tell them opinions ... also in front of the Katherine "the Boss".
Is good, isn't it?

Today here is a special maintenace day, we are appliyng some patches on Hopper ... and Tina is explaining to me some tricks and habits they are used to.
Always interesting be faced with different kind of approach.

But let's me get back at work ... I've some notes to jot down and  in about an hour Micky and the kids will join me here in the downtown for a walk and the dinner in the city.

See you ...

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  1. Your blog is great Nicola! It is such a pleasure to read! :-) Thanks for letting us participate in your experience.