Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 3: gone

Another friday is come, the 3th here at NERSC, and I realize that the next will be the last one. I've to admit a sense of sadness because just now that I begun to feel part of the group  it's almost the time to leave ...

I was thinking that maybe a longer period for this kind of experience would be desiderable, at least 3 month ... but if someone will propose me 1 or 2 years I wouldn't say no ...

Don't misunderstand me, in 1 month you can figure out a lots of things, but from now could come the real fun... now that you understand how some stuff work ... now that the relationship with the colleagues becomes straightforward and natural.

Anyway the in coming weekend  wipe out this sadness!!!
We have no specific plans so far ... because we want to do too many things and we are unable to make a choice!
For sure we will spend one day shopping in SF ... I already see my credit card burn and my eyes crying ... meanwhile my wife's face will shine like the sun!

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