Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday? \O/

Thursday? Today is already Thursday??
I'm wondering how is possible that the time spent here run so fast ... it seems yesterday when I came here at work for the first time ...
Probably that means that I found something interesting to dive in !

After this few days here at NERSC I feel more confident in the environment and I begin to understand how the wheel turns.
I tryed not to be too boring with my mentors and avoiding to bother  them ... but in any case they were absolutely willing to help me and to aswer all my questions.

At the Berkeley Labs are absolutely well organized for all that's related to the administrative things ... I had to follow many online training about safety, ergonomics and internal procedures ...
But at the end I got all the things  needed to work, from the badge to the NERSC account passing through the phisical access authorizations.

I'm glad that I already caught  interesting technical information about the systems here and I already feel that I'll bring home many important considerations and ideas.

And what about the weather? After the first days with the fog in the morning, in these last 2 days the weather is amazing since early morning ...

Stay tuned ...

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  1. Nicola, your blog is great!!! Well done! I look forward to more. ;-)