Monday, July 9, 2012

First working day at NERSC

Today, at 8 o'clock I joined  into the NERSC building to start my first working day!

I woke up, I had my breakfast with my wife and I took my bag to go to the BART station by feet ... then 2 stops and I got off the train at 19th St. Oakland ... up the stairs to the 20th and just is front of me I saw my new office. Easy!

After the lunch I went to Berkeley to get my official badge .... the Berkeley Labs Campus is AMAZING ... I like that place.

I reached the building 65 with the lab's shuttle bus and I did my procedures the be registered in the system and get my badge.
I had to pass a kind of exam: General Employee Radiological Training ... :-o

And what about the colleagues here? All very kind and patients with my awful english!! :-)

So far a really exciting day!

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