Friday, July 6, 2012

Landed in the US

So yesterday evening we landed at SFO, we rented a car and we drove to the temporary location at the Marina Bay in Berkley!
We were all really tired from the flight ... but my wife and I are very impressed by our kids that during the long trip they were  really quiet.

Today to get in touch with the new environment we went around by car and by feet visiting some shopping center and some recreation area in Berkley.

Obviously we tasted some delicious hamburger ... and now my wife is out running along the bay to burn some fat .... as soon as she will be back it will be my turn ... :-o

Just a note: many friends told me that SF it's a kind of cold place during the summer ... I can surely confirm that ... in the morning 12 degree celsius and during the day less than 20.

Tomorrow we will leave this hotel and we will check in in the flat we rented for the rest of the stay ... I'll keep you all posted !!

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